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This web site is designed to help generate interest in mathematical games for the general audience. Such games are enjoyed by specialists and amateurs alike. The basic principle is that of counting. Thus, even young kids can get on board. Also, these games have a certain positive appeal to the non-addicted gambler. I strongly recommend that for anyone who likes two-player board games, he or she should try our new board game called Rascal’s Triangular. The rules for playing are easily ascertained by reading the article of Reviews written by Al. Logan. We do have a provisional patent on this game and board. Moreover, regarding the board, our hope is to have professionally designed boards with appealing Icons available in the near future.



The Computer Game, ” MOD-SLOT ”

For a two-player computer game that might arouse some interest from engineers who have designed slot-machines or vacationers who have enjoyed playing them on some occasions, we recommend that you read our note on the computer game that we call Mod-Slot which also occurs in our section on Reviews.